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London has some of the finest art galleries and museums in the world.
It is also home to spectacular churches, castles, palaces and much more.

This is just a section of my favourites

Image by Clark Van Der Beken


Our Royal church, a national Valhalla.
Site of every coronation since 1066. This is where The Queen married in 1947 and her grandson Prince William married in 2011.
A place of worship for 1400 years, this medieval Gothic masterpiece is the burial place of 13 Kings and 14 Queens of England, Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin and The Unknown Warrior.


One of the world's great museums.
An unrivalled collection tracing the development of human civilisation and culture through the ages.
Encompassing every part of the globe and time in human history, this museum is the story of us all.
Highlights include The Rosetta Stone, the Parthenon Marble statues and the Egyptian mummies.
Free Entry

Image by Viktor Forgacs
Image by Amy-Leigh Barnard


London's castle, a royal palace,
a treasury, and armoury and a state prison.
The Tower of London is the highlight of any trip to the city.
Here you can see the Crown Jewels, the coronation regalia. See the Beefeaters and the ravens and hear stories of execution intrigue. 2 Kings were murdered here, 3 Queens beheaded.


The world's most visited modern art gallery. Tate Modern houses a prestigious collection of 20th and 21st century art.
Works by all of the great names of modern and contemporary art are on display here.
The building itself is a wonder, a converted power station, monumental and awe inspiring.
Free Entry

Image by Dil


Visit the converted basement beneath Whitehall where Winston Churchill worked during the dark days of World War Two.
This is where the Cabinet met during the frequent air raids, where military and civil service chiefs plotted the liberation of Europe
The Churchill Museum, dedicated to this most inspiring and controversial of men is included in the visit.


A breathtaking collection of art from the 13th-20th centuries.
The National Gallery houses artworks from all the major artists in Western European art during it's greatest periods.
From medieval altarpieces, through the Italian renaissance, Dutch golden age to a stunning collection of Impressionist works.
The story of art in one building
Free Entry

Image by Adam Birkett


A hidden gem, Kensington Palace

was the private home of Kings and Queens.

Nowadays we can see what

life was really like for our 17th &18th century monarchs.

There is beautiful baroque architecture, stunning gardens, paintings and furniture on display.

The palace gives us an insight to the lives of it's residents, from the young Queen Victoria's love for Prince Albert to the dresses of Diana, Princess of Wales


Greenwich is the home of Time.
The Royal Observatory a the top of the hill is at 0° longitude and the views over London from there are astonishing.
The stunning Old Naval College and Maritime Museum tell the story of Britain's maritime heritage.
Board the Cutty Sark, a 19th century tea clipper.

Best visited by boat, approximately 30 mins from central London

Image by Robert Bye
Image by Charlie Seaman


King Henry VIII's riverside palace, Hampton Court was location for 5 of his 6 honeymoons.
The Great Hall is a masterwork of Tudor architecture and the kitchens take you backstage to see how his enormous court were fed.
The huge and beautiful grounds contain ornamental planting, a kitchen garden and the renowned Maze

Best visited by car or train, approx 1 hour from central London.

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