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London Tours

Below are just a few suggestions for tours in London.

We can walk, travel by public transport, taxi or chauffer driven car. 

If you would like to have a bespoke tour created for you or your group, do please let me know.


The Heart of Royal London

This is the big one, the one you came to London for.

Four Palaces, Parliament, an Abbey and Royal Parks.
See the heart of London and some of the most famous sights in the entire world. 
All the highlights of Westminster in a half day tour. 
See the Changing of the Guard, Buckingham Palace, Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, The London Eye, Westminster Abbey, St James's Park and much more.
This tour can include a guided visit inside Westminster Abbey.
Also available as a two hour walking tour.

The City of London- from the Romans to Today

At the heart of London lies the City of London.
Only one square mile in size but this historic area is where it all began.
Founded by the Romans it has been inhabited by the people of London for nearly 2000 years but has almost been destroyed by fire and bombs.
St Paul's Cathedral, secluded courtyards, The Guildhall, hidden gardens, the Bank of England.
This tour can include guided visit inside St Pauls Cathedral
Also available as a two hour walking tour.

London At War

The darkest days in London's history
were also its finest hour.
As bombs fell during the Second World War a Blitz spirit overtook Londoners. Thousands volunteered to fight fires and save lives.
Buildings burned and homes, lives, livelihoods and entire neighbourhoods were destroyed.

London at War is a half or full day tour which includes a site visit. Choose from the Churchill War Rooms, Imperial War Museum, HMS Belfast or St Paul's Cathedral.

For large groups, this tour can include the hire of an authentic wartime London bus.
Also available as a two hour walking tour.

Mayfair & St James's

The most expensive square on the UK Monopoly board and an area best known for its exclusive private members' clubs and classic shops,
Mayfair and St James's are often called Gentlemen's London.  There is, however much more to the area than that.

Designed and built to cater for the very best in society, these areas are still the most upmarket neighbourhoods in the city. This area is rich in history, scandalous stories and surprising backstreets.

This tour can include lunch in a high end restaurant, afternoon tea or shopping in some of
London's finest stores.

The Men Who Made Menswear

A labour of love, a tour you won't find offered by any other guide.
Perfect for gentlemen and those with an interest in menswear and fashion
This 2.5 hour walking tour around St James’s and Mayfair charts the history of menswear over the past 200 years.
See the places where the men who made menswear worked, lived and played as I tell the story of men’s clothing through the lives and careers of the men who commissioned, inspired and made it.

John Lock, Bunny Rodger, The Duke of Windsor, Tommy Nutter, Henry Poole, John Stephen, Montague Burton, Beau Brummell, and Rupert Lycett Green are just some of the familiar and sometimes not so familiar names who crop up.

The City's Secrets

Think you know London?

Think again..

However hard you look, the best bits are hidden from you, just out of sight, just around the corner. 

Join me on a two hour walking tour which shows you the City of London as you have never seen it before.

Spitalfields: Cool London, Street Art and Fashion

London has a well-deserved reputation for creativity and innovation. Nowhere sums that up like the neighbourhoods of Spitalfields and Shoreditch.

See works by the world's best street artists from Banksy to Jimmy C. Taste some of the best new foods (and some traditional old ones too). Visit designer boutiques by the most up and coming names, high quality vintage clothing too.

All this in a district teeming with the story of London's immigrants from 17th centrury French Protestants to today's multi-racial, multi-ethnic community. Plus, it is where the Jack the Ripper murders took place.

Jack The Ripper

In the autumn of 1888, the streets of the East End of London were stalked by a vicious serial killer. Just outside the richest square mile in the world lived London's poorest citizens, the outcasts, the homeless, the desperate.

The terror these people felt as 5 unfortunate women were killed here is brought to life on this 2-hour walking tour. Over 200 suspects have been named as Jack the Ripper. The police never caught him and his identity remains a mystery.

This tour is available in
PG or 18 certificate versions

Horror and
Ghost Walk

What better way to end the day than with some spooky stories?

Come with me through the winding lanes and cobbled streets of old London. Hear tales of the undead plus a bit of execution, torture, body snatching, murder, cannibalism and plague for good measure.

As night falls, come with me for the fright of your life on this two hour walking tour.

Southwark- London's Underbelly

Southwark was always defined by what it is not. On the opposite side of London Bridge it was outcast's London.

A place of writers and actors, William Shakespeare worked here at The Globe Theatre. Chaucer's Canterbury Tales started here at the Tabard Inn. Charles Dickens knew the area well, his father was imprisoned at the notorious Marshalsea Prison.

All this plus an unconsecrated graveyard, a medieval prison, the ruins of a private palace, Britain's tallest building, a 13th century cathedral and London's best food market.

Kensington Village & Palace

Just outside central of town lies the village of Kensington.
Always a highly desirable residential area, the story of it's development is one of artists and aristocrats, poets and politicians.
It is home to the most expensive houses in London, cafes and boutiques.
At it's heart is Kensington Palace.
Home in the past to Diana, Princess of Wales and the young Queen Victoria, nowadays it is the London residence of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their young family.

Historic Greenwich

A short boat trip from Central London takes you to beautiful Greenwich. Site of the zero meridian GMT and home of some of the most beautiful buildings in the city. Explore the Maritime Museum, a genuine tea clipper ship, the Royal Observatory and the Painted Hall.